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“Operation Tribute to Freedom” Media Alerts


FleishmanHillard Consumer Markets Intern

“Operation Tribute to Freedom” was a U.S. Army campaign to thank soldiers who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This is a media alert I drafted for one of the tribute events.

11 July Conn Defenders Alert DRAFT11 July Conn Defenders Alert DRAFT

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Marketing Outreach Intern


Penney Retirement Community

During the summer of 2010, I interned for the retirement community’s marketing department and the Penney Memorial Church cemetery committee to re-engage families of deceased residents, and fund raise for the cemetery upkeep.


  • Established an outreach campaign to reconnect past residents’ families with the community.
  • Pitched the community’s cemetery committee fundraising efforts to the engaged audience.

Here is a sample of the letter that I sent to help raise funds for the cemetery:




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“Why We Serve” Speaking Events


FleishmanHillard Consumer Markets Intern

Here is a sample of my secured speaking events for “Why We Serve”, a Department of Defense initiative to inform the American public of the personal experiences our military have had while serving over seas.  I contacted civic organizations within several states to pitch the chance to have a military spokesperson come speak at one of their events.





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Freelance Communications Assistant


Woodside Park Strategies

I developed specialized media lists  – using Cisionpoint and Meltwater software – for my employer’s clients, the main client being  early childhood education nonprofit Zero to Three. I tracked early childhood education trends in the media, flagged the most relevant articles, noted the journalists that the organization should follow, and recommended articles to post on social media. Each month I compiled a list of impressions and the estimated viewership of every article in which Zero to Three was mentioned.

I also created specialized media lists used to pitch press releases and upcoming events for organizations like Voices for National Service, the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and the National Conference on Citizenship.


  • Researched and compiled specialized lists of current reporters who focus on client’s issues.
  • Provided weekly updates on media landscape.
  • Researched and recommended media contacts specializing in client’s issues.
  • Pitched press releases and conference events to local and national media outlets.
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Global Health Intern



As a global health intern, I worked for clients such as the Swiss nutrition think tank Sight and Life, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the ROTA Council.


  • Social Media
    • Researched and compiled daily tweets (3-7/day) and Facebook posts about global nutrition news articles for nutrition think tank client
    • Created tweets to follow special events, conferences, advocacy days
    • Generated drumbeat social media for multiple clients (avg. 21 tweets, 3 Facebook posts/week)
  • Event Planning (in Rome, Italy)
    • Researched and compiled invite list (1,500+ invitees)
    • Distributed invitation and notifications
    • Tracked RSVPs, shuttle service needs of attendees and invite lists
    • Verified nametags for correct spellings of names and organizations for over 200 guests (included Ministers of Health, UN officials, and other global nutrition experts)
  • Media Monitoring
    • Tracked media coverage for various clients
    • Updated media contact lists (domestic and international contacts)
  • Writing/Copyediting
    • Drafted memo to client on introducing vaccines in Islamic countries
    • Took notes during interviews for client bios
    • Copyedited memos, editorials, etc. for various clients
  • Research
    • Halal vs. Haram vaccinations in Islamic countries
    • Global health influencers – conferences attended, organizations in which involved, etc.
    • Global health, nutrition and agriculture editorial calendar for clients
    • Country briefs (i.e., Nigeria, China, Brazil, Zambia)


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Consumer Markets Intern



After my sophomore year at the University of Florida, I spent the summer interning at FleishmanHillard in Washington, D.C. My main project involved researching civic organizations (i.e., Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs) around the country that may be interested in having soldiers come speak to them about their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I then cold called each organization and pitched the idea of having our soldiers come speak at their organization meetings.    My clients were the Department of Defense and the U.S. Army.


  • Drafted media pitches for radio segments; edited radio clips to make a compilation CD.
  • Tracked clients’ earned media coverage.
  • Pitched and coordinated speaking events throughout the country for military clients.


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Director of Penmor Place


Penney Retirement Community

After spending a summer as a marketing outreach intern at Penney Retirement Community,  I took a temporary part-time housekeeper position, and within two months, became an assisted living facility attendant with the highest medication administration certification score (100%) of all attendants and certified nursing assistants working for the retirement community.  Ten months after taking the housekeeping position, I was running Penmor Place, one of the three assisted living facilities on campus.


  • Managed and marketed an assisted living facility in a 500-resident continuing care retirement community; maintained at least 96 percent occupancy.
  • Earned 103 percent of projected revenue due to higher occupancy and diligent budgeting.
  • Scheduled 24/7 staffing calendar, delegated duties, on-call for emergencies.
  • Interviewed, hired, trained, evaluated and fired employees.