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Independent Contractor


JWB Real Estate Capital, LLC

I took on what was supposed to be a short-term project for JWB Real Estate Capital, and with no prior knowledge in how to petition Duval County for lower property taxes, saved JWB almost $60,000 in taxes for 2015.  By the time I was done with that project, I was also verifying the rental history of prospective renters for JWB’s leasing office, organizing and posting property management invoices for the accounting department, and helping its law firm partner with JWB-related acquisitions and sales.  JWB has recently requested my help with the 2016 tax petitions as well.


  • Petitioned county on behalf of JWB and their clients to reduce property taxes, saved almost $60,000.
  • Contact current and former landlords to verify rental history of potential renters, helped leasing agent team rent 97 homes in February alone.
  • Charge invoices to the correct client accounts for property management team (100 per week).




A University of Florida public relations graduate, with a passion for writing, digital communications, business and continual learning.