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Director of Penmor Place


Penney Retirement Community

After spending a summer as a marketing outreach intern at Penney Retirement Community,  I took a temporary part-time housekeeper position, and within two months, became an assisted living facility attendant with the highest medication administration certification score (100%) of all attendants and certified nursing assistants working for the retirement community.  Ten months after taking the housekeeping position, I was running Penmor Place, one of the three assisted living facilities on campus.


  • Managed and marketed an assisted living facility in a 500-resident continuing care retirement community; maintained at least 96 percent occupancy.
  • Earned 103 percent of projected revenue due to higher occupancy and diligent budgeting.
  • Scheduled 24/7 staffing calendar, delegated duties, on-call for emergencies.
  • Interviewed, hired, trained, evaluated and fired employees.


A University of Florida public relations graduate, with a passion for writing, digital communications, business and continual learning.