Summary of Skills

Communications Skills:

  • Pitched press releases and conference events to local and national media outlets.
  • Drafted media pitches, edited audio clips for press kit usage.
  • Assisted in planning an international event in Rome, Italy for global health and nutrition experts.

Research Skills:

  • Researched and created press lists of media contacts specializing in clients’ issues.
  • Tracked media coverage and provided daily updates on media landscape.
  • Conducted research and prepared briefings on current and potential clients.

Administrative Skills:

  • Perform tasks including filing, organizing, photocopying, mailing,
  • Greet clients, assist in meeting/conference preparation.
  • Answer phones, and correspond with clients and business partners through email.
  • Implementing the transition from physical files to an electronic data system.

Accounting Skills:

  • Charge invoices to the correct client accounts for property management, accounting teams.
  • Evaluated annual tax values of JWB-owned properties and dispute valuations with the property appraiser, saving the company $60,000 in 2015, $80,000 in 2016.
  • Managed a half-million-dollar assisted living facility budget

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